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What do you do when the best young professional candidates see you only as a place for shelf-stackers and supermarket checkout operators?

Woolworths is one of the largest and most complex organisations in Australia and operates in possibly the most challenging and competitive market sector. It requires the best and the brightest to succeed and looks to its graduates as future leaders.  Unfortunately, these critical best and brightest graduates saw it as a place for part-time work as teenagers and looked to the banking, accounting and consulting firms for exciting and rewarding careers.


We conducted employee research to uncover the graduate insights powerful enough to change the beliefs of a generation of graduates. We developed an intriguing new creative platform that captured attention and sparked conversations; we crafted a new careers site strategy, architecture, content, and collaborated with Woolworths’ digital agency to build it; we created new photography and new videos to bring the graduate stories to life; and we developed new social platforms and content to attract and drive graduates back to the central careers site.


The result was a large increase in graduate applications, but more importantly a huge increase in graduate quality.

Services: research, employer brand strategy, social strategy and content, creative, advertising and campaign collateral, web design and content, video and photography.