What do you do when the female half of the world is inclined to avoid careers in your entire market sector?

EY’s Transaction Advisory Services is one of the fastest growing businesses in the corporate finance sector.  A sector long seen as a “boys club” that women have historically avoided. Recongising a diverse workforce with diverse thinking and perspectives is essential to providing its clients the best advice and strategies, it needed to change this historic problem.


No small task, knowing most professional women have become cynical of any diversity message.  We conducted global research to understand the issues, experiences, perceptions and decision-making of professional women; developed a gender diversity attraction and retention strategy; developed a creative platform; crafted social content; and supported EY with the launch of a global campus competition and global internal engagement content and videos. 


Achieving up to a 2,000% increase in social engagement, the social campaigns have connected thousands of women to conversations with EY female employees and EY recruiters, opening they eyes of professional women to the positive career opportunities there.

Services: research, diversity strategy, social strategy, digital strategy, creative, social and digital content, engagement content and video.