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What do you do to support your amazing employees when they are constantly confronted by emotional challenges?

The employment experience for most in the care sector is more vocation than job.  But, the responsibility of care, high levels of empathy and the relationships that transform residents into friends, often leave the Carers vulnerable.  Allity’s Peoples Choice Awards is one of their many initiatives focused on reminding employees of the personal benefits of positive behaviours to sustain employees through the challenging days.


We took the time to understand these positive behaviours and the associated personal benefits, within the Award winners, to powerfully but authentically bring their stories to life, for the benefit of their hundreds of colleagues.  For each of the past two years we have crafted 6 of these engaging and influencing videos.  In addition, we developed a new careers site strategy, architecture, content, and an additional 4 candidate attraction-focused videos to spread the word about Allity’s supportive culture.

Services: research, engagement strategy, employer brand strategy, web design and content, video and photography.

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