What do you do when ideal candidates think your insurance careers aren’t sexy enough for them?

Whether we like it or not, even the best candidates are influenced by irrational and emotive drivers that stop them making the best career decisions for themselves and for you.  Insurance is seen as dry, boring and conservative. 

But, as things like automation, artificial intelligence, new technologies and new industries quickly change the world and the way we live, what we insure and how we insure quickly changes. It’s now one of the most quickly evolving sectors requiring new ideas, creativity, and autonomous thinking from almost any profession you can name.

We conducted employee research to uncover the employee stories that brought this new and untold reality to life. We crafted a new careers site strategy and architecture, new content, new videos, and a refreshed creative look and feel, within the confines of Allianz’s existing content management system, to give life to this untold story. 

Extended to social platforms, these stories are changing candidate misconceptions and increasing the diversity of talent attracted to Allianz.

Employer branding services: research, digital strategy, creative, digital content, video, photography.