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Adelaide Brighton


What do you do when ideal candidates can’t see your amazing career opportunities because they think concrete is boring?

While Australia’s continuing construction boom sees more concrete trucks on the road, most people don’t think past the drivers or the tradies shaping that concrete into our driveways or skyscrapers. They certainly play an important role.  But as one of Australia’s largest importers, producers, distributors and marketers of construction, infrastructure and mineral processing materials, there is a vast range of professional, corporate and other trade careers on offer.  Roles full of autonomy, creativity and achievement – for both men and women – many didn’t know about. 


We conducted employee research to uncover the people and employment insights that enabled the development of new recruitment and engagement conversations. We developed a new careers site strategy and architecture, new content and new videos, to bring Adelaide Brighton’s employment story to life, to new candidates.  These are already changing candidate misconceptions and increasing the diversity and quality of talent attracted to the organisation.

Services: research, employer branding strategy, diversity strategy, digital strategy, digital content, advertising content, video, photography.

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